Leading – it’s not about you (or me!)

Leading – it’s not about you (or me!)

Leading – “Its not about you (or me!)  — That’s what I tell my clients and students every day.  Leading is about empowering others to face challenges and achieve results.

I’ve updated my book, Leading for Results! to reflect that truth. The new golden check mark on the cover stands for the completion of important results.

Inside there are stories about people who have led others to achieve results — including executives at LG Group in Korea, and provincial leaders in the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan.

The same exercises and reflection questions they used to learn how to lead for results are inside.

These practices will help you to clarify your own purpose, envision what you most want to accomplish, and identify the actions you need to take to overcome obstacles.

You can download the e-book at a special price of .99 at Leading for Results! on Amazon. The paperback version might be great holiday reading for someone you love.

A surge of sales within a week sends the Amazon ranking soaring, and that makes booksellers and media pay extra attention. And, if you feel so moved, please write a review – People pay attention to Amazon reviews!

I’ve also updated my website www.bostonleadership.com. Please visit and let me know what you think.


From the introduction to Leading for Results!

“Is there something you care deeply about accomplishing?

Will you need to lead others to achieve this outcome?

This is not a book about the lives of famous leaders, nor is it an academic book with multiple theories of leadership. Instead, this is a book about leading, which is defined as “empowering ourselves and others to face challenges and achieve results…

I’ve witnessed people in countries from Afghanistan to Tanzania, who, with few resources other than their hearts and their minds, have learned to lead.

I have found again and again that when people have a clear image of what they want to achieve, and have a process for overcoming the obstacles they face, they can achieve results far beyond their expectations.”



“Joan’s very impressive book makes accessible the leadership practices that have a life-changing power that I have experienced in others and myself. They are a gift. I love this book; it makes a valuable contribution.”

–John Humphrey, Founding Chairman of The Forum Corporation, the global business learning and development firm



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