Leading for Results!

“Joan’s very impressive book makes accessible the leadership practices that have a life-changing power that I have experienced in others and myself. They are a gift. I love this book; it makes a valuable contribution.” John Humphrey, Founding Chairman of The Forum Corporation, the global business learning and development firm.

Leading for Results! is not a book about the lives of famous leaders, nor is it an academic book with multiple theories of leadership. Instead, this is a book about leading, which is defined as “empowering ourselves and others to face challenges and achieve results.”

This is a practical guide that presents, clearly and simply, five essential practices to lead others to accomplish the results you most care about. Dr. Bragar has distilled these practices from the best thinking in the field of leadership development, refined through her years of research and experience in teaching people to lead in organizations, communities, and universities around the world.

Do you wish you had access to a world-class leadership development program?

Joan Bragar, EdD, has designed and taught leadership development programs around the world for more than 25 years. From Fortune 100 companies to rural health-care facilities in Afghanistan, she has offered her clients and students a set of clear, simple practices that have enabled them to inspire, empower, and lead others to achieve outstanding results.

In Leading for Results, Dr. Bragar presents compelling success stories and the key principles and practical exercises that will help you manifest your purpose and change the world for the better, one result at a time.