“Thanks so much for your recent facilitation. It was clear that the Manufacturing Engineering team was enjoying your contribution, and they confirmed this with their comments to me afterward.  They appreciated that you quickly became attuned to their peculiar dialect and the nuances of their business and function(s) – and that you balanced flexibility with firm guidance as the situation required.   For me, it was striking to see a group (especially a relatively large one!) remain so fully engaged through a day-long agenda.        Thanks again – a pleasure working with you!“
-Cambridge Biotech Firm HR Manager after Accelerating Team Results Process

“What did Joan do – She believed in us”.
-Physician who led the campaign to reduce maternal mortality in Aswan Egypt

“My conversations with Joan emboldened me to take the steps needed to launch my own company.”
-Medical school professor and biotech researcher

“The LDP is bringing about a genuine change in how we think, act, and work in Cité Soleil…(Haiti) a real and profound social transformation…that capitalizes on the energy of youth and transforms it into a positive force for collective action for the well-being of the people of Cité Soleil.”
-Participant in the leadership program in Haiti

“You are truly a wise person from whom I enjoy learning.  I like to hear about the experiences you bring and I feel like you have exceptional listening ability which helped me cut through a couple of situations, helping me focus on applying ‘my model’ to improve performance.”
-Line Executive, British Petroleum

“Joan is highly creative and has great capacity to operationalize theories and large ideas.  Her skill set is clearly of a leader who successfully works at all levels of an organization, across countries, and across cultures. One thing I have noticed is that Joan is very humble.  The wide and thorough research she has conducted, and her publications, have greatly contributed to the foundation for LMS’s leadership approaches and models.  I would like to continue to see Joan used very strategically to work across MSH to develop leaders both internally and around the world.” 
-Senior Program Officer, Management Sciences for Health

“Joan is a brilliant thinker and able to clearly articulate ideas and processes.  Her contributions to the Project Leadership Profile and Leadernet seminar design have been extremely helpful.  She knows leadership and it shows.” 
-HR Manager of Talent Development in a Global NGO

“I very much appreciated your input, which I thought helped me to open my mind to the possibilities out there and the opportunity for personal growth in the journey. I felt you were empowering and that was very helpful. You saw the best in things, but were realistic. You were a very good sounding board as I explored the boundaries of my current work and new possibilities for expansion. Most of all, you understand how important it is to listen.”  
-A leading biotech researcher and medical professor who is starting up his own business

 “Thank you for the great job you have been doing with the leadership team. You have an amazing talent, and I know it will not only help address our immediate issues but prepare us to more effectively lead and address conflict moving forward.”
-Jeff Freedman – CEO, Small Army Advertising Agency, Boston

“We’ve been undergoing management training and our consultant/guardian angel (Joan Bragar from www.bostonleadership.com) has introduced us to a complete process for listening (ain’t process grand?). We’ve been practicing for a couple of weeks, and we already feel we’re moving from being good listeners to great listeners.”
          -Melissa Dowler – through the ears of an ENTREPRENEUR