“I believe that the session was a great success, and I have spoken to a number of people who agreed. Further, several commented in awe about the quality of your facilitation. Facilitating is not only about getting people to participate in a conversation, it is about helping to move conversations forward by diverting tangents that are off topic, tabling worthy ideas that belong in another discussion, and helping groups make choices about which ideas really best represent them. That is where you excel, and today it really showed. You were able to consolidate concepts that seemed too large to wrap our heads around, you found commonalities in seeming disparate ideas, and you helped us take stances that others may have seen as working at cross-purposes and showed us how they align. Because of that, in only a few hours, we were able to move forward in many meaningful ways. That is a credit to your skill. That everybody enjoyed themselves? That is a credit to your personality and take charge but warm manner.”
-Christ Constantian, Director, International Resource Development, Perkins School for the Blind

“Joan’s ‘value proposition’: She provides a structured path, with two to three milestones, that helps you move towards your purpose in life. She is highly insightful about human nature in a way that cuts to the quick. She is a firm stand for your potential.”

-Management consultant working on a career transition