Leadership Coaching

Partnering for success. Supporting the vision and accomplishments of my clients.

Dr. Bragar coaches high performers who want to make a difference in their organizations and society. She works with individuals and with clients in private and public institutions. Her clients have included 10 members of the executive team of an international bank that was moving towards a customer-focused culture, the vice president of science and the director of human resources for a Cambridge biotech firm that was developing a culture of ongoing innovation, and a medical school professor who was launching his own research company.

She brings to coaching her extensive background in leadership development in the international business and health sectors. She has worked with a wide range of leaders, from the presidents of LG companies in Korea to physicians and nurses in East Africa, Egypt, and Afghanistan. She enables people to face challenges and achieve results. As a client who was launching his own business says about her, “she emboldened me to take the needed steps.” A physician in rural Egypt, whose leadership challenge was leading the reduction of maternal mortality, says that the difference she made was that “she believed in us”.

In her work she brings clarity, compassion, and deep comprehensive listening to enable people to learn what they need to move forward. Her work is similar to being in an individualized graduate seminar on leadership. Dr. Bragar received her doctorate in education, with a focus on learning leadership, at Harvard University. In her research there she validated the leadership practices of high performing managers in Fortune 500 Companies.

Leadership Development Programs

A proven and self-sustaining methodology for facing challenges and achieving results at all levels.

Joan Bragar, EdD, has designed and taught leadership development programs around the world for more than 25 years. From Fortune 100 companies to rural health-care facilities in Afghanistan, she has offered her clients and students a set of clear, simple practices that have enabled them to inspire, empower, and lead others to achieve outstanding results.

I taught Leadership to senior health officials in Kenya. One of the participating team’s leadership projects was to build unity among stakeholders in the country for a national health insurance program. Opponents from the private and public sectors worked together in a team in the course to accomplish this result. See the link for more on this program:

Team Results Processes

Simple replicable tools and processes for accelerating results.